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Dubai Courts launches service ‘Qarib’ to allow personal status testimonies via video

The new service ‘Qarib’ (Arabic for near) enables clients, who are requested for testimony in personal status transactions, to show up to the nearest notary public section and testify via video.


Qarib provides services of personal status testimonies and notary authentications via the video system in Al Barsha Mall and Hatta branches … while the service of notary authentications is provided in only the Hatta branch during the work hours


Through this service, the testimony of witnesses will be documented via the video system after verification of the witness’s identity.


Witnesses will not be required to be present at the DCD’s main headquarters or its branches.


The service of personal status transactions includes declaration of conversion to Islam, proof of matrimony, proof of re-marriage, proof of marriage continuation, and other testimonies relating to cases of marriage and divorce.


It also includes the endowment and grant, as well as parentage, custody, ratifications, permissions, and testimonies of non-Muslims, proxies, determination of heirs, and certifications of national service.


The service of notary public authentications includes: authentication of the contracts, concluding or terminating contract, assigning local service agent, contract of sale of a shop, ratification of declarations which includes undertaking for not working, a pledge and undertaking for the Ministry of Labour, undertaking of selling a marine means, and undertaking of waiving a lawsuit or a complaint. It also includes ratification of the proxies like general proxy, a proxy for lawsuits, a general power of attorney, a proxy for the Ministry of Labour, and the proxy for a land or grant.