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10 Jan-16

Dubai Courts launches service ‘Qarib’ to allow personal status testimonies via video

The new service ‘Qarib’ (Arabic for near) enables clients, who are requested for testimony in personal status transactions, to show up to the nearest notary public section and testify via video.


Qarib provides services of personal status testimonies and notary authentications via the video system in Al Barsha Mall and Hatta branches … while the service of notary authentications is provided in only the Hatta branch during the work hours


Through this service, the testimony of witnesses will be documented via the video system after verification of the witness’s identity.


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05 Jan-16

ِA Look At New Companies Law No. (2) of the year 2015

The law has formulated a number of regulators for limited liability companies by not specifying a minimum capital of a limited liability company in addition to introduction of company of one person as in accordance with the article (71) one of the law approved natural or legal person to establish and own limited liability company and the owner of the capital of the company shall not be accounted for its obligations only to the extent of that capital contained in a way that do not interfere with its nature.

20 Apr-15

New agency in Berlin

ABM signed a partnership agreement with a new agency in Berlin 20/4/2015.

10 Aug-15

law judicial fees

08/10/2015 His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid special law judicial fees in Dubai courts August 16, 2015

Met on the proceedings before the courts of first instance and civil litigation of the criminal suit Baschina personal status lawsuits, drawing rate (6%) of the value of the claim, the amount should not be less than (500) five hundred dirhams and not more than:
- (20,000) Twenty thousand dirhams if the value of the claim does not exceed (500,000) five hundred thousand dirhams.
- (30,000) thirty thousand dirhams if the value of the suit, ranging from (500 001) and one thousand five hundred dirhams to (1,000,000.....

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28 Sep-15

New UAE Labour Law

Job offer letters will be legally bindingAny offer letter given to foreign worker will be legally binding once accepted and signed by both parties

By Shuchita Kapur
Consider it a new year’s bonus.
From January 1, 2016, the UAE will implement sweeping reforms to the existing Labour Law, plugging loopholes that will now make employees even more content and secure in their workplace.

The primary changes to be enforced next year, as outlined by Minister of Labour, Saqr Ghobash Saeed Ghobash, pertain to employment contracts for workers hired from abroad, termination of job contracts, and issuance of new la.....

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